Hey! We’re The Wurst Agency – a content marketing agency based in Vienna.

Our fresh & no-schmarrn approach to content production & strategy ALWAYS begins with the audience, and with us honestly answering the question – what will help this client break through the noise?

Find out how we got our name and read more about us.


We’re the creators of Vienna’s loveable and leading English-speaking publication, Vienna Würstelstand.

If you don’t know it already, check it out! After all, It is the reason this whole wild ride of the The Wurst Agency got started. 



We’re a full service content marketing agency. We create custom-made solutions for all kinds of clients.

Social media, video production, corporate publishing – If it’s content, we do it! 

We really love telling stories with…


Content production for blogs, magazines (online & print), email newsletters & more.

We’re specialised in helping you grow your social channels & generating a conversation with your audience.

Engaging videos tailor-made to grab attention online, especially on social channels.

From classic explainer videos, to story-driven animated videos.

In German or English, we’ll put what you’re trying to say into text that inspires understanding & interest.

Our photographers capture the beautiful, interesting & bold on camera.


We design & build websites that are optimised to sell products & services, and tell a business' story.

and every good story told online needs…


With our audience-first mindset, we’ll create a dynamic content marketing strategy that gets your brand seen by the right people in the right place.

We create, refresh and position brands by revealing their stories that make them stand out. We know how to humanise brands & make them relatable.

and brave brands have also gone for…


Producing interactive experiences in the real-world.

Helping companies become more competitive through innovative digital solutions that give their customers exceptional digital experiences.

As we’re an international bunch, all of our services can be provided in German & English. Ready to create? Let’s get started!


Our Portfolio

Besides checking out our popular publication, Vienna Würstelstand, have a look at a showcase of some of the other work we’ve been busy working on with brands.

‘The online marketing The Wurst Agency has done for Burger’s Bar has directly impacted our sales. In gastronomy, they have specialised knowledge that has really helped grow my business.’
– Janos Gombas,
Owner of Burger’s Bar
'The Wurst Agency is actually one of the best agencies I've worked with. They have the smarts of a big agency, the personal approach of a boutique one, and they're brilliant storytellers that know how to capture audiences attention.'
– Margit Bittner,
Digital Marketing Manager of UniCredit Bank Austria

Our Method

To give you some insight into how we make content work for our clients…


We get to know the audience better than we know ourselves.


We get to the heart of the campaign, the brand and their competition.


We ask the question how do we translate this into content that the audience relates to.


Create a well-thought through realistic & goal-driven strategy.


We produce fresh & original content that has all of the sticky & relatable factors that will inspire your audience to react.


We test, learn, measure, manage, and optimise.


We drink on our rooftop (Disclaimer: we may not have a rooftop)

Ready to Create? Let's get started

For your brand or message to connect with your audience, you need to connect with them emotionally. The power of storytelling through content will do this for you.
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There are three things you need to know about us – 

Firstly, we’re a new kind of content marketing agency. 

Secondly, we’re boutique, but big.

Lastly, our approach is no-schmarrn. 

Learn more about who we are, why you should work with us, and about our experience in the world of content by checking out our Team.


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